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Techathon 2019
India's Biggest TechQuiz Marathon
(For Students 1st to 15th)

Exclusively for School Students & Teachers

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Students Registered : 214,868

What is Techathon'19?

Techathon’19 is an Online Tech-Quiz Marathon exclusively designed for school students and teachers at City, State and National level, it also gives you an opportunity to win exciting prizes based on your performance.

(15 August - 25 August'19)
(26 August - 28 August'19)
(30 August - 31 August'19)

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How it works?

Winning in Techathon is Simple…
Follow these easy steps towards becoming the Ultimate Champion.


Register on techathon.whizjuniors.com

Solve Quizzes & Practice Daily

Invest 15 minutes everyday to Practice.

Play Weekend Challenges

Play every Sat & Sun & Win Prizes.

Play Inter-City Competition

Time to take the first step towards becoming a National Champion.

Play Inter-State Competition

This is your next step to becoming a National Champion.

Play National Competition

Grab your golden chance to become the Ultimate Champion.

Announcement of Winners

Get both awarded and rewarded for your hard work at the Award Show.

Rules for Students

It's even more FUN.. when you play by the RULES

Rule #1

All Techathon Participants must be registered Students or Teachers of a particular School.

Rule #2

Participants will get 15 minutes to solve as many questions as possible.

Rule #3

Participants can play Techathon Weekend Challenges from every Saturday 8:00 pm to Sunday 8:00 pm.

Rule #4

Participants can enjoy playing the Inter-City Competition which will be held on 15th to 25th August, 2019.

Rule #5

Winners can redeem their gems in exchange of their favourite goodies available from the Whiz Store.

Rule #6

Any participant can be suspended if there is any discrepancy or if he/she fails the verification and authentication process.


The rewards are exhilarating

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