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Techathon 2018
The Biggest TechQuiz Marathon

Technology Quiz Championship exclusively for Students & Teachers

Students Registered : 151331
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Earn Gems

How it works?

Winning in Techathon is Simple…,
Follow the steps to win the ultimate Tech Championship


Participating in Techathon is just a matter of a click.


Invest 15 minutes a day solving the quizzes...


Win Exciting prizes daily, weekly and in the finale.

Know the rules

It's even more FUN.. when you play by the RULES

Rule #1

You can Participate for the Competition till 31st July'18. Participant must be a registered Student or Teacher of a School

Rule #2

Gems Earned - Daily Winners – 5,000, Weekly Winners – 10,000 & Finale Winners – 2,00,000

Rule #3

Winners can redeem Gems for their favourite goodies available from WhizStore

Rule #4

Participant will be suspended if there is any discrepancy or if he/she fails the verification and authentication process

Rule #5

The Winners will be rewarded with the Prizes. only on the Award Show Venue. Failing which they cannot claim their prizes

Rule #6

The prizes are not transferable, assignable or redeemable for cash


Mark your Calendar... Save the Dates...

1st July - Registrations & Trial Round Begins

Registration open on this day & you can take up a quick trial quiz to get the feel

15thJuly - Trial Round Ends

Gear up for the Competition that starts on 16th July

16thJuly - Competition Starts

The Championship Begin… Invest 15 minutes a day & earn maximum points

31stJuly - Tech Champions Announced

TECHATHON ends & Winners are announced at 8.00 pm

Awards and Prizes

The rewards are exhilarating

Tech Expert

The 1st Runner up of Techathon

Wins 1,00,000 Gems

Ultimate Tech Champ

The Winner of Techathon

Wins 2,00,000 Gems

Tech Whiz

The 2nd Runner up of Techathon

Wins 50,000 Gems

* Gems can be redeemed for your choice of gadgets from the Whizstore.